Ginormous Toad


Yes, Sugar Snap?

There’s a ginormous toad in the yard.

A ginormous toad?

Yes, come look.

That is a rather large toad. What do you think he’s doing in our yard?

We have the best flowers in the neighborhood. See those little yellow ones? They have heart leaves.

What are heart leaves?

See, the leaves look like hearts and hearts are love and toads need love just like us.

So, toads get love from eating heart shaped leaves? I thought toads ate bugs.

Of course they do, Daddy—and—and—he came to this yard because the bugs in this yard eat the love leaves.

Oh, I see. So he gets love from the bugs?

Of course.

I wonder if the bugs get love from the leaves too?

No, Daddy, bugs don’t care about stuff like that, they’re icky. God just uses the bugs to love the toad.

God made that up?

Yeah, He knows how to love you when you don’t like the easy kind of love.

Like heart shaped leaves?





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