Water Drops


Yes, Little Bit?

Where does that go?

Where does what go?

That water.

Oh, do you remember the lake we saw a little while ago?


It probably goes there.

Oh. I bet they feel lost.

You bet who feels lost, Little Bit?

The little drops of water.

Why would they feel lost?

Because these are creek water drops, and the lake has lake water drops.

Oh, I see. But don’t you think that a water drop is a water drop no matter where it starts?

Yes—but—I mean, they’re the same, but these are not used to it being so deep. 

Do you think they will have a hard time adjusting?

I bet there’s nothing as fun as that waterfall in the lake.

I bet you’re right. But do you think they will be OK?

Probably, but I bet they will miss home. It’s hard to just sit in a lake if you’re made to jump off waterfalls. 



  1. Hey, I love the story. But I gotta ask, is there a subtle point wrapped up in there? I was thinking maybe that if we let ourselves just follow the crowd, we’ll end up “downstream” and miss the greatest things God has for us in life.


  2. Dayne,

    I think that’s pretty close to what I was thinking: if we are given certain gifts, life is more joyful when we use them (in God’s service) instead doing what others think we ought to do. Thanks for reading and thinking.

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