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People have been telling stories since the beginning, and those stories have taken many forms: oral, pictorial, drama, and, of course, writing. Stories have also been told for many reasons: entertainment, education, and encouragement, to name a few. The pictures on the header tell a story. This photo comes from Newspaper Rock State Park in southern Utah. Native Americans used this rock to communicate in some way that still puzzle experts, but one look at the rock brings many stories into my mind. The hunter caught my eye when I first saw these petroglyphs. While the picture shows me what happened, it also transports me around a fire at night to hear the story of that successful hunt, taste the meat that was taken, smell the sweat of the hunters, and feel their pride. Good pictures have a way of doing that for us. 

We started young enjoying pictures. Before we could decode the letters and spaces that we may or may not have noticed around us, we giggled and cooed at pictures. Before long, words accompanied those pictures, and someone read them to us, adding a layer of meaning to the colors and shapes we enjoyed. Before long, the pictures gave way to words all together, and if the author did his or her job, we developed pictures in our mind.

We appreciate both pictures and words that tell stories, and this blog celebrates both. 


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