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Grass blades are trees

To weave your web between,


And dew drops—the decoration

Like neon lights on the strip.


Insignificance unnoticed in the dark

Becomes brilliance highlighted by the dawn.

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Then the nostalgia of better days—

Hard work.

Smell the hay field,

Do you?

Clean cut and earthy.

A transport back

To a summer before suits

And bills and business—

A summer of sailing

On the tree swing

Out and over and splash.

A summer of squash

And chickens and chiggers.

And riding on grandpa’s tractor.

Or is it just parked for the night?

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Not chirping

Blue not blending

With all the green, like usual.



Not flitting

Focused, not a blur

Darting from shrub to tree.


But what are you focused on?

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Peeking out,

Timid in the dewy dark.

A light, a rattle—a dark shape slinks by

Then stretches and sits and ponders a toad.


The light comes now

People go: doors and quick steps,

Hollers and kisses.

A light-induced bravery stiffens the neck—

Petals unfold.


The slinker pants behind the cedar;

Moisture sucked from leaves and dirt:

Hanging about between earth and sky,

A weight on the foreheads of little ones

Melting back inside.

The deep colors recede, head droops.


Beating down now, white hot

A slow simmer with head bowed low.

Then a shadow passes—

A brief respite, like a snow cone—

The postman makes his rounds.


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Billows drop liquid marbles—


Polkadotting stone standing

Balanced like a dancer

Showered with applause.


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Icy Caterpillar

Caterpillar creeps through the hoary morning,

Late for hanging and transforming.

Summer’s dress lies stale and crumbling.

Caterpillar creeps, tummy grumbling.


Caterpillar rises, green he spies—

A spruce tree towering in the sky.

Caterpillar creeps on icicle feet.

Spying a branch where he can sleep.

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