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What’s he doing, daddy?

What’s who doing, little bit?

That bee.

Oh, he’s collecting pollen from that corn stalk.

Why does he do that? Doesn’t the plant need it?

The plant does need it and so does the bee.

But how can they both use it? The plant can’t keep the bee off.

No, the plant wants the bee to take its pollen.

I don’t want someone to take my toys.

No, I suppose not. But the bee takes the pollen back to the hive for food for other bees.

That’s nice. But what about the plant?

The plant needs some of the pollen to move from one place to another so it will grow properly.

But if the bee takes it, how will that happen?

As the bee moves around on the plant, some of the pollen moves around too and gets in the right place.

Oh, so since the plant doesn’t have any fingers, the bee does that?


And so the plant doesn’t care if the bee takes what’s left over.

No, I don’t think the plant cares about leftovers.

But if the plant was stingy and didn’t let the bee come over, it wouldn’t grow, would it?

No, it wouldn’t.

But since it’s not stingy, the bee gets to eat and so do we.

That’s right.

And there’s enough here that we can even have leftovers.

Good thing the plant shared, huh?

Yeah, and I’ll share my corn with you.

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Yes, Little Bit?

Where does that go?

Where does what go?

That water.

Oh, do you remember the lake we saw a little while ago?


It probably goes there.

Oh. I bet they feel lost.

You bet who feels lost, Little Bit?

The little drops of water.

Why would they feel lost?

Because these are creek water drops, and the lake has lake water drops.

Oh, I see. But don’t you think that a water drop is a water drop no matter where it starts?

Yes—but—I mean, they’re the same, but these are not used to it being so deep. 

Do you think they will have a hard time adjusting?

I bet there’s nothing as fun as that waterfall in the lake.

I bet you’re right. But do you think they will be OK?

Probably, but I bet they will miss home. It’s hard to just sit in a lake if you’re made to jump off waterfalls. 

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Yes, Sunshine?

The bird in that nest could fly to the moon.

Don’t you think that’s a long way off?

No, look, they’re just that far away.

They do look close, but what would a bird do on the moon?

Silly Daddy, bring back moon rocks.

Oh, and why does a bird need moon rocks?

So her eggs won’t be lonely.

But isn’t she sitting with her eggs?

Yes—but—and—so a snake won’t get her eggs.

Will he be tricked by the hard rocks?

Of course, Daddy!

She’d go all the way to the moon to keep her babies safe from snakes?

She loves her babies, Daddy!

She must.

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[from the other room] Yes, Sweetie?

They’re playing checkers.

Do you want to play, too?

I don’t think they will let me, Daddy.

Tell your sisters to let you play when they finish.


Why not; I thought you wanted to play?

It’s not my sisters.

Oh, do you want me to play with you?

No, Daddy. I mean yes, Daddy, but—

Well, tell them it will be our turn next.

I can’t tell them that.

Why not, Sweetie?

I don’t think they’ll finish.

Why not?

Silly Daddy, they don’t know how to play.

Your sisters know how to play checkers, Sweetie.

It’s not my sisters playing, Daddy.

[coming into the room] Oh, I see. Who do you suppose will win?

Daddy, cats can’t play checkers.

Well, it sure looks like they’re trying.

But they can’t play checkers.

Why not, Sweetie?

Because, Daddy, they can’t put on a crown.

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Yes, Sugar Snap?

There’s a ginormous toad in the yard.

A ginormous toad?

Yes, come look.

That is a rather large toad. What do you think he’s doing in our yard?

We have the best flowers in the neighborhood. See those little yellow ones? They have heart leaves.

What are heart leaves?

See, the leaves look like hearts and hearts are love and toads need love just like us.

So, toads get love from eating heart shaped leaves? I thought toads ate bugs.

Of course they do, Daddy—and—and—he came to this yard because the bugs in this yard eat the love leaves.

Oh, I see. So he gets love from the bugs?

Of course.

I wonder if the bugs get love from the leaves too?

No, Daddy, bugs don’t care about stuff like that, they’re icky. God just uses the bugs to love the toad.

God made that up?

Yeah, He knows how to love you when you don’t like the easy kind of love.

Like heart shaped leaves?



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Three Balls in a Tree

Art can happen in many ways. Having children helps. Having children who think you can accomplish what they envision helps even more.

After getting a ball stuck in the tree when we were seeing who could throw it the highest, my daughters thought it would be fun to get all three balls stuck in the tree. I tried my best to communicate to them not to get their hopes up, but after the second one nestled in nicely to the first, we spent an hour on the third. The result is the unlikely art we call Three Balls in a Tree—the most fun piece of art I have even been involved in.

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“Yes, snuggle muffin?”

“There’s an icerpillar on the fence.”

“What’s an icerpillar, dear?”

“It’s a caterpillar made of ice. See all his legs?”

“I do. I wonder where he is going on such a cold morning.”

“I bet he is going to breakfast and then to be a butterfly.”

“What kind of butterflies do icerpillar’s make, I wonder?”

“Daddy—just regular butterflies. But they have snowflakes on their wings, and instead of liking flowers, they like icicles and snowmen—and—and—when they get cold, hot chocolate.”

“Snuggle muffin?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“If he is going to breakfast, what is he going to eat? All the leaves are gone.”

“Silly Daddy. Icerpillars don’t eat leaves.”

“What do they eat?”

“They eat the frost off the grass or off mom’s windshield.”

“I see.”

“And Daddy?”


“I think today is the day for him to be a butterfly.”

“So soon? Why today?”

“Because Mommy said we were almost out of hot chocolate. And we better go make some for him. I bet we could have some too, huh, Daddy? I bet he won’t want too much.”

“I bet you’re right.”


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