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The cool mornings and slow warm-ups keep the wasps sluggish this time of year. But the late afternoon sun and warm days bring them out to swarm the few fall flowers that remain. Goldenrod, especially, the diner of choice it seems. Like a farmer, collecting the fall crops before the first freeze, so too the winter-loathing wasp gathers nectar—a last sustenance perhaps? While not venturing out in the morning, they redeem the afternoon, busy with the task at hand. What must I learn? What must I attend to?What sluggishness must I throw off, for unlike the wasp, can I not avoid a cold winter of the soul by redeeming the time?



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A flower chain can stretch as far as the imagination can see and as far as perseverance holds out. But what if along the way, “The World’s Longest Flower Chain” becomes just a necklace or a streamer to hang on a lemonade stand that stole the limelight from the flower chain? What happens to the left over stems and petals? Instead of remaining a possible landing pad for a bee, they get tossed on the porch and forgotten—until the late afternoon sun gives them one last moment of glory.

Faded usefulness. Forgotten dreams. Tossed aside creativity. No—always a masterpiece.

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